Opportunities to get Involved in African Agriculture

At the Triga Conference last week, I spoke about Agriculture. Few thoughts:

There are plenty of opportunities to get involved in African Agriculture. Africa is stuck at the bottom of the Agri-value chain and this can change. We need to ask, “how do we industrialize our Agri-sector, and create opportunities?”. We need agricultural industrialization to create people. Africa should be the breadbasket of the world.

Agriculture is projected to be one of the largest wealth-creating sectors, by 2030. The sector will be worth R30 trillion. As population growth continues to provide serious concerns, it’s important to change the labour composition of the agriculture sector.
There’s a need to have processing zones in rural areas, food and agricultural sectors. This industrial value chains will take millions of people out of poverty if done right. The young entrepreneurs need to strategically position and attract investors for Africa to unlock its potential.

A few major problems to consider with the African Agricultural sector:

– There is a disconnect between commercial farmers and small scale farmers.
– Limited access to the market and making decent living conditions for farmers.
– Lack of business mentorship and support
These problems provide some unique opportunities like:

– Investing in smart farming techniques, soil test, mart agri and how they can increase yields.
– Technology becomes a game-changer for African Agriculture.
– Building technology that will help disseminate information to the farmers, to increase yield. Simple information, how to apply agriculture, where to apply it.
– Drought tolerant seed and technology that will help mitigate the challenges farmers face. Leveraging technology
How would this sector and the world look like if we had more redemptive entrepreneurs committing to redemptive entrepreneurship?
– We need more investments coming into these spaces.

– Increased ways we can reach the farmers. This is a win-win for the farmers and it helps to find ways to de-risk the farmers.

The future is endless and should excite every African entrepreneur!

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