Entrepreneurship & Agriculture for Africa

Agriculture is projected to be one of the largest wealth-creating sectors, by 2030. The sector will be worth R30 trillion. As population growth continues to provide serious concerns, it’s important to change the labour composition of the agriculture sector.

There’s a need to have processing zones in rural areas, food and agricultural sectors. This industrial value chains will take millions of people out of poverty if done right. The young entrepreneurs need to strategically position and attract investors for Africa to unlock its potential.


Bokamoso Impact Investments

Bokamoso Impact Investments (PTY)LTD , is a social enterprise dedicated to connect the invisible rural populations to economic opportunities using diverse agricultural and entrepreneurial platforms as change catalysts. 

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BeeLoved Honey

Straight from the crown of an acacia - to the beautiful sunflower fields, Bee Loved Honey serves you a smooth, organic & unprocessed ambrosia, rich in its original vitamins, antioxidants, enzymes and minerals.

The raw liquid gold you're palming was cultivated by our previously-disadvantaged small scale farmers in the Kalahari depths of the North West Province. Empowering people empowers your palate, so drizzle our proudly African all-natural nectar for a dose of pure nourishment.

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Free Resources


Unlocking Africa's Potential

Food production in Africa has been very low for some decades now averaging 1.5 tonnes per hectare compared to an average of 4 tonnes in Asia.

In addition, there is limited capacity for value added production for the industrial transformation of agribusiness in Africa.

Consequently, food affordability malnutrition is worrying issues for many people.

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Guide to Establishing an Agriculture Cooperative in South Africa

Bokamoso is committed to serving rural farmers and agricultural cooperatives.

Bokamoso recently trained leaders of co-operatives, consisting of cattle farmers. We realized that agricultural co-operatives are not adequately educated to function and protect the interest of farmers.

Farmers need to know the role of co-operatives in job creation.
Also, there are guidelines for establishing co-operatives, which includes the various structures, roles and responsibilities of directors.

In this guide, you also learn about finances and audits for your cooperative.

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