BOKAMOSO: Cattle Farmers & Cooperatives IN SERNICK FUND

In 2018 Sernick Group officially partnered with The Jobs Fund to establish the Sernick Emerging Farmer’s Project.

Since it’s initiation, Sernick in partnership with the Jobs Fund have been able to train emerging farmers in various aspects of cattle breeding, established a successful co-operative with emerging farmers, and given those with a hunger for knowledge and willingness to work, the opportunity to become profitable commercial farmers who are able to look after their families and employ others in their community.

According to Sernick, it has recruited a total of 660 farmers (Tier 1). They give the farmers SETA accredited training and an opportunity to exchange their old stock with good quality cattle that fetch higher prices at the market. A total of 300 farmers (Tier 2), selected from the 660, are currently being equipped with technical skills to enable them to develop their own herds while maintaining healthy cash flows to meet their working capital requirements. 

During the first eight months of the programme, tier 2 beneficiaries complete a training course in which they earn custom feeding profit through a loan by Sernick. The earning goes into a co-operative bank account and will be spent with the mutual consent of both the beneficiary and Sernick.  During the participation of the beneficiary in the Programme in Tier 2, it is also expected that the beneficiary must permanently employ himself as the farmer, as well as two assistants.

During the Sernick Emerging Farmers Programme, the Tier 2 and 3 beneficiaries are not only developing their own skills and farming practices in order to become commercial farmers, but they are also Custom Feeding clients of Sernick. 

Bokamoso’s Social Facilitation Role

Bokamoso, led by Lesego Holzapfel, is a Social enterprise; connecting the invisible rural population of South Africa to opportunity via empowerment, using a diverse entrepreneurial platform.

Bokamoso’s Social Facilitation Plan has been developed to ensure the process of continuous interaction among the Sernick Emerging Farmers project management, project beneficiaries and other interested parties in the course of implementation of the project.  

Serving as an enabler, Bokamoso contributes a unique element to agriculture growth and job creation through Sernick’s Emerging Farmers Development Programme.

By undertaking the activities outlined in this plan, the project will demonstrate its openness, responsiveness and willingness to embark on the constructive dialogue with all its stakeholders.

To this end, this social facilitation plan is intended as a document that is open for discussion with all stakeholders and will be subject to regular revision to remain up-to-date in order to reflect outcomes of the continued engagement.

the project will demonstrate its openness, responsiveness and willingness to embark on the constructive dialogue with all its stakeholders.

The overall aim of this social facilitation effort is to ensure the interest of the project beneficiaries are protected and to also ensure stakeholder buy-in and support for the projects throughout its cycle.  

Objectives of Bokamoso’s Social Facilitation

1. The provision of relevant, timely and accessible information to project stakeholders in a culturally appropriate and understandable format;

2. Consultation with stakeholders on their opinions, concerns, preferences and perceived gains and risks with respect to the project design, planning and implementation;

3. Establishment of a grievance/feedback mechanism to receive and facilitate prompt resolution of stakeholders’ concerns and complaints.

4. Identify lessons learnt and ensure effective participation by all stakeholders in the project

Workshop on Establishing Efficient Cooperatives

Bokamoso held one of our social facilitation workshops at the Sernick Jobs fund office. This workshop was designed to help cattle farmers understand the roles of cooperatives in their development. Bokamoso hosted leaders of 5 co-operatives, consisting cattle farmers from Free State. The farmers were trained on 3 core areas of interest. These are:

1. The role of co-operatives in job creation in South Africa. 

2. Guidelines in establishing a co-operatives, various structures,roles and responsibilities of directors.

3. Finances and Audits.

To get a copy of the training resource provided to farmers, visit the download page here.

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