1 Million

One Million Beehives Initiative
For Global Food Security

Lesego is committed to addressing the collapse of the honey bee population in Africa through the implementation of on the ground solutions to restore and protect honey bee populations.

Our planet's food security is largely dependent on an abundance of natural pollinators; including honey bees, birds, and other insects, but Honey bee colonies worldwide have been declining at an alarming rate.

This commitment seeks to address issues related to dwindling honey bee populations by allowing individuals to buy beehives in order to replenish honey bee populations and training small scale rural farmers to become beekeepers.

Each of these will promote growth in honey bee populations and provide a mechanism for sustaining healthy honey bee colonies.

This commitment is an important step in restoring vital honey bee populations and ensuring sustainable crop yields; a critical need for global food security.


Current Progress

We currently have 400 beehives and counting.

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